Facebook Churning Out New Measure to Stay Off Your Ex

November 21, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook doesn’t want to get you tangled with your sorrowful past. They want to help you break out of it and to move ahead. That’s one thing we imply with the announcement of this new tool from Facebook.

On Thursday, Facebook announced a new feature, called Take a Break, dedicated to all those who are passing through those post-break up period.

The way it comes to your aid is by understanding your feelings; Facebook wants to omit all those memories from you, but without chopping them off from your friends list.


So how does it work out? Take a Break comes into action when one changes his status back to single. Facebook will automatically push you to use this new optional feature in that case.

If willing to try it out, Facebook will omit out all those post feeds from your news feed that are related to the name you have registered on your previous relationship status. That includes photos, videos, posts and mentions of your ex.

It also won’t allow his/her name to get displayed as suggestion when tagging or typing a new message. Users can also limit the exposure of their posts to their exes.

They will also be able to limit the access to your former posts with their ex  to the public, including all those in which they are tagged with their ex.

Currently, the feature is undergoing its test phase and is available only for the US users. No word on when the feature will be expanded to all regions.

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