Official Charging Dock for Apple Watch is Finally Here

November 20, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A charging dock for your beloved Apple Watch was put on the table ever since the latter’s birth. But it never showed up later on, even with Apple Watch getting multiple iterations in the software department.

Of late, rumors of a charging dock had emerged once again after enthusiasts spotted a few images of a new charging dock online.

And now, Apple has confirmed that by unveiling the new Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watches.


The device sports a round white dock with a magnetic charging unit in its centre as the base, above which the Apple Watch can be placed both flat as well as sideways by lifting the magnetic puck. The round dock has been designed to support both the 32mm watchcase and the 40mm watchcases.

The placement here does make a difference. Keeping it sideways will push the device straight to the nightstand mode, making it function as a nightstand alarm.

Coming straight from the house of Apple, it does cost higher than the third-party charging docks you can get in the market. The Magnetic Charger bundle which comes with a 2metre lightning cable is priced at $79.


Surprisingly, there is no other accessory provided along, which means that you will have to get a USB power adapter separately to have it plugged with our power outlets.

Apple’s new charging dock is currently being made available for pre-order at the Apple Store. Placing a pre-order won’t make you count the days, as the device will start shipping this Friday.

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