Tumblr App Finally Gets Stuffed with a Fitting GIF Maker

November 19, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

GIF love on social media is not a recent trend, but it’s certainly on the uptrend these days. Not long ago, Facebook introduced the support for GIF in News Feeds, which was followed by the launch of Boomerang, the GIF making app from Facebook-owned Instagram.

More recently, popular GIF library providers Giphy introduced new GIF creation tools for web. And now, the dice is taken up by Tumblr.

A new GIF creation tool has now arrived alongside the update for Tumblr on iOS. Introduced as GIF Maker, the service provides the very best a GIF can offer by forging GIF files from burst images or short videos.


The latter requires a video clip of at least 3-seconds length. Once the source is selected, users will be given the option of fixing the GIF-parameters like setting the speed, zooming, cropping of frames etc. Users can also have back and forth GIFs created like in Boomerang.

Unlike in Facebook, Tumblr had supported GIF formats much earlier. They have also showed deep love for the GIF formats which were offered to the public with the introduction of GIF search tool, GIF-dedicated Tumblr TV etc.  All these offspring came because of a reason; around 23million GIFs gets circulated every day in this micro-blogging platform.

But none of them were Tumblr-born, except for that weird webcam –aided GIF creation that’s present for desktops. But even such a bizarre mode never existed for mobile platforms, which is why they have taken up this big task of providing GIF creation within the app.

Currently, the GIF Maker is made available only for iOS devices, but it can be expected on Android soon.

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