Google App-Indexing: Search Giants Can Now Crawl Inside Facebook Too

November 18, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After a week since the debut of Google-powered mobile website from Flipkart, Google is being blessed with some catchy news from all around, in connection with app indexing.

Facebook, the assumable rival in the world of smartphone apps, is the one that’s now giving a leg up to the internet search giants.

Facebook has revealed that its social media app will now let Google crawl in for accessing public information content like Events, Pages and Groups using app indexing. Now that’s a plus for Google’s search engine.


But where does the benefit lie for Facebook? Simple, it lies in the fact that search result hits will now lead users directly to the app.

The feature only works currently on Android devices, in turn providing another boost for Google in the sense that it won’t be available for iPhones and Windows Phones.

The availability of this feature was reported by WSJ, who also pointed that Google won’t have access to ‘logged-in and private Facebook app sessions’, which still would remain accessible only through in-app searches in Facebook.

The intention behind the app-indexing was clear right at launch; to keep its search engine ticking forward in the crowded world of mobile apps.  In recent days, they have been aggravating the works for it, including the app-index integration on Safari browsers.

Seemingly, access to crawl and index Facebook info couldn’t come at a better time either, with app index slowly starting to trigger the desired results.  

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