Huawei Latest Technology Charges Your Batteries Ten Times Faster

November 17, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Battery charging techniques are in abundance these days. It’s often hard to find a mid-range smartphone that doesn’t brag a feature associated with its battery.

It’s just that each of them arrives in distinct names like super charge, turbo charge, and many others. Although sporting different names, all of them duly perform the same task of giving a leg up to the battery while charging.


The latest from the smartphone world that has made it to the list is Huawei. During their industry event in Japan on Friday, the electronic product vendors unveiled a new quick charge feature.

It sounds like it offers the same exact boost in battery charging like the rest. But Huawei has leaped past some extra miles too.

It’s called quick charging, but in effect, it can prove to be the quickest. On demonstration, Huawei managed to charge an empty battery by 50% in under 5 minutes.

Indeed, it was not the low-capacity battery they used for charging, and it was a 3000mAh battery that was half-charged ten times faster than normal batteries. Or in other words, the technology can juice the iPhone 6S to its notch in just seven minutes.

In addition, Huawei also demonstrated the quick charge on a smaller 600mAh battery, which got filled up to the brim in just two minutes.


Huawei explains that this has been made possible with the inclusion of heteroatom-bonded graphite in the anodes of their charger. The process not only lifts the charging speed, but also does it by not affecting the battery density or its life.

The new quick charge would essentially require a specially designed charger that comes with hetero-atoms. But besides, it will also require compatible batteries, or batteries with an energy density not less than 620 Wh/L.

Huawei has also stated that the technology could be expanded to find an application in charging of not just smartphones, but in every field, say car battery charging. It might take time though. Huawei hasn’t revealed anything about the commercial production of their new technology as yet.

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