Google Maps to Give Away Handy Rewards to Local Guides Contributors

November 17, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Being a Local Guide on Googles Map has its own perks. Ever since introduction, Google has offered many features that were solely available to the deep contributors of location info. Now, Google is repaying such contributors with some real hefty rewards.

Most of the earlier perks were primarily focussed on heavy contributors, like with Level 3 or up. But with the new update, Google is rolling out the gifts to low-tier contributors also.

This applies to even the Level 1 users, who will now be able to enter exclusive contests held by Google.


Local Guides who have managed to hurdle past Level 1 will now be eligible for receiving early access to Google Maps features. Previously, the feature was limited to higher levels, like with Photo Notifications, which was made available only for Level 3 Local Guides.

Taking your in-map guide experience to the next level (Level 3) will now offer you a new badge, which will be displayed along with your reviews or info about places, restaurants, and other such places of interests. The move also becomes beneficial in recognizing a review from a trusted contributor.

The real perk comes to those who have capped Level 4 experience. If the earlier perks never quite excited you to be a contributor, this would sure do it.

Users under this category will receive the nifty reward of 1TB online storage in Google Drive for two years. That’s a big deal, considering that it takes $9.99 from your pocket to be subscribed to 1TB for a single month.

And those with the master’s degree in Local Guides (Level 5) will be able to apply for the first ever Local Guides summit that’s to be held in 2016 by Google. The details of the event are yet to be revealed.

Google recently has been flushing in richer contents to its map services, including the offline search and navigation feature.

With this new move, they are seriously taking the move of having local contributors on-board to make their services further trustworthy.

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