Facebook Messenger Wants to Make Your Messages Vanish

November 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Of late, Facebook has been trying out a plethora of new features. To quite an extent, many of these are being surged as a take on the rivalling platforms.

The new Notify app is one perfect example. If that was to take on the global trend of news aggravation by rivals like Twitter, its next measure is to take on social platform Snapchat.

A report has now emerged from Buzzfeed, which claims that Facebook is testing out a new messaging option across France through their Messenger app. The feature introduces self-destructing messages that disappear from the log once it expire its proposed life, which can be around an hour.


The move sounds great for those who would like to share discreet messages. But this doesn’t make Facebook the innovators.

Apparently, similar disappearing message service has already been present on service like Snapchat, which currently is moving steeply upwards with its global user count.

The feature has also been later adapted on similar platforms like Line, We Chat and the like Facebook would only be one among the last to offer this.

But seldom will it concern users subscribed to Messenger. It still sounds a good deal, considering you don’t have to scroll up to check if there is any confidential message present on your log.

Facebook is viewing the new feature as yet another ‘fun option’ of sharing messages including sensitive ones through Messenger. But besides, this could also be their effort to bring a real-life element to messenger conversations, as pointed out by Tech Crunch.

Users in France can try the new feature by tapping the hourglass icon that’s being added to the app. The feature can be turned off to send permanent messages by tapping the icon again. Facebook hasn’t yet clarified as to when the service will be rolled out globally.

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