Mozilla Makes Firefox Accessible to All iOS Users

November 14, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For all those who have been on the lookout for a new browser on their iPads, iPods or iPhones, here’s some good news coming your way.

Mozilla has just announced that the iOS version of Firefox has finally exited its public preview phase.

With this, the Firefox browser finally makes its official entry into the Apple app store, and will be available to all those who run iOS 8.2 or above. The browser will feature an interface similar to that of in the Android version, also fetching many features to the iOS devices like the Private Browsing feature, visual tab designs, and search predictions.


Users already registered with a Firefox account on PC or Android can also sync their browsing data like history, bookmarks, passwords and tabs to iOS devices. The feature is expected to lure much of the iOS users who prefer Mozilla browsing on other devices.

Although versions for Android were introduced earlier, Mozilla stood back from launching an iOS version because of Apple’s restriction on using the in-house rendering engine, called Gecko.

However, the company later revealed its wish to push an iOS version without Gecko last year, after which they rolled out a closed beta during the month of May this year.

It was followed by a public preview of Firefox in September, which was made available only for users from New Zealand.

The final version is being launched with the absence of their Gecko engine. But Mozilla assures that it won’t compromise any of the features that are present in the rest. They have also vowed to offer continuous development over the iOS version similar to other versions.

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