Apple Preps Unique Waterproof Solution for Future iPhones

November 14, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Unlike other device makers, Apple seldom brags about the water-resistant features present in its iPhone devices. Not that the devices come unescorted by these features. Yet, Apple likes to keep them concealed, but they have always been showing their love for water-resistant features through actions.

That love is now getting much stronger that they are hunting for new technologies to help their devices stay off water. The latest news pillaring this love arrives from folks at Apple Insider, who have revealed a new patented technology from Apple called Liquid Expulsion.

apple electrodes

It presents certain off beat features to repel water, which in a sense also sound bizarre. The usual technology of roping in water-repellant coatings are kept aside and instead, Apple is making use of electrodes to disperse water out through cavities like speakers and microphones; the two main entry passage for water in smartphones.

The presence of water will be detected using acoustic sensors or moisture sensors, and charges will be applied when detected to squirt out the water. Apple also plans to use discharge meshes around the cavities to restrict the entry of water.

The same will be applied with discharge, if already having water present inside. There is also another technology that deals with the flushing out of water using sound waves, which will be applicable on speaker.

apple waterproof

The technology, as it appears, sounds too promising to block the entry of water. But there’s no word of when it will be put to effect on Apple devices. All these come under the 2014 patent application.

Apple will have to rush if they are to make it possible in their upcoming iPhone 7 device. The possibility cannot be ruled out, as recent rumors are strongly speculating the possibility of the next Apple device being waterproof.

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