Google Chrome Shutting Down Services for Older Windows and Macs Next Year

November 12, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s more than a year since Microsoft officially pulled all its wires off one of the most cherished OSes in history –Windows XP.

However, we still have support running for platforms running on it. But one major firm has now announced that they will be giving up the support next year.

That will be disappointing for many still swearing by XP, as it is Google Chrome that’s going to be shut down when the calendar rolls to April 2016.

Chrome lapel pin

After delaying its pre-announced discontinuation, Google has finally announced that all its support, including the security patches, will be wrapped up next year for Chrome browser on XP.

The announcement was first made during 2013, when the deadline was proposed to be April this year. Back at that time, Windows XP held a market share of over 15%. Currently that has declined to nearly 10%.

Going by this rate, the market share would be hugely diminished by the time Google Chrome winds up all its XP support, which is why it holds more credibility than their previous shut-down warning.

Besides, Google will also drop support for Windows Vista, the least favoured Microsoft OS for PC, and for the older versions of Mac OS X.

That’s not a big disappointment either, as the Vista platform currently runs on less than 2% of the entire PCs in world.

Currently, Vista OS is running an extended support period under which it is bestowed with updates and patches only under payment, except for the security update which still arrives free of charges.

The versions of Mac OS X that will see the shut-down of Chrome support are 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, and 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Marc Pawliger, Chrome director of engineering at Google, said in the announcement that the support pull-out for these versions will only promote users to migrate to a newer version of the OS.

Users will still be able to use Chrome on these older Oses, post the deadline period, but will be exposed more to security threats and vulnerabilities.

Browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Opera still haven’t dropped support for these older versions of Windows and Mac.

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