Flipkart, Google Join Hands to Offer an App-Rivalling Mobile Webpage

November 12, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

India’s leading e-commerce vendor Flipkart has shunned its app-only ideology on smartphones by launching a new mobile web page for Google Chrome.

Called Flipkart Lite, the webpage has been developed with assistance from the brains at Google.

With a completely overhauled web-page approach, Flipkart Lite scores in the fact that it’s one of the first apps developed using Google’s fast response time features for smartphones.


The process involves the dependence on smartphone processors than on remote servers to improve the load time and response time when viewed on mobile browsers.

This will also bring an inflow of data into the smartphone, aimed at improving the surfing experience while on weak network. In a manner, this can also help the e-commerce providers to offer offline searches and information access.

The overhaul will also let the app to take control of some of the device’s hardware like camera. It will also be making use of the Chrome notifications to alert users about offers and deals or new items.

The app is also said to be exclusively designed for Google Chrome, but we didn’t find it difficult when we tried to open it from the stock browser in smartphones.

Why Google has stepped in to aid Flipkart is not something that triggers curiousness. The apparent trend of going app-only has been viewed by Google as a reason for depletion of their profit resources.

Apart from losing ad revenue, Google could also miss out on the search information after failing to dig more from apps, like it was from web-pages.

The return of Flipkart to mobile-services means they can still have deeper access with search over country’s largest e-commerce vendor.



Equally being benefitted is Flipkart themselves. While app-only versions are largely being appreciated around the world, it proves much unsuccessful when stepping down to the Indian markets, where smartphone vendors make the most from low-mid range smartphones.

The initial hindrance is the unwillingness of users to go for a mobile app with limited resources, be that storage or data plans.

Flipkart will also find the benefit in the fact that webpage can be updated regardless of user involvement unlike with the case of apps.

Smartphone traffic of their app can be used to justify the move of mobile page drops, or even web page drop like it was with the Flipkart-owned own lifestyle app Myntra. But that doesn’t entirely mean that users might be happy with only a single window available to explore.


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