Quick Upload and Notification Views Now on Flickr iOS, Thanks to 3D Touch

November 11, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Flickr is a service that stands distinct from other image hosting services. Instead of having their platform stemmed from live-images like in Instagram, Flickr homes in on library vastness, a reason why they equally share the prominence with gallery uploads along with ones from camera.

As a result, their efforts to embrace Apple’s 3D Touch has now spawned the very feature we expected to take shape; a Quick Upload button.

A simple pressure-varied tap over the Flickr app on your iOS will now pop up few quick access options, of which the first one represents direct enrichment of your albums.


Clicking the Quick Upload takes you directly to the space for uploading from gallery, with which you can now skip the app-entry part.

The other options coming along are the quick search feature and the notification view, the latter which also displays the comments put-up on your uploaded images.

The search feature here represents a good way to scroll across the library without opening the app. But that’s not the only way now.

The latest update also takes the search out of 3D Touch, and drops it on the Spotlight search for iOS devices. Flickr now also gets the power to open Flickr links on the app rather than on external browsers.

Also, the 3D Touch feature has not been limited to the app icon. A deep press now on the preview from your camera roll means you can have the images in full view, while swiping across the screen will make you jump through the roll.

Check all these new features and more by downloading the Flickr app version 4.0.6 from the iTunes app store.

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