Google Drive Rolls Out New Update that Makes Sharing Much Easier

November 10, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Drive is sure our most favored back-up space for dropping files for all Android users and Google devotees. But there have been concerns. Taking user requests into consideration, Google is now easing things out with their latest update.

The latest update for Google Drive means that Google does understand that sharing is caring. It pretty much entirely deals with sharing, although missing out on a few cravings that have been made in regard with the matter. But at least they have addressed a few, and it means that we can wait to see how they carry forward with it.


One of the main features that have been included in the update is the new notification system, which will alert users on their mobile when a file has been granted access for them by its owner.

Previously, users were alerted only through e-mail, and it was indeed a mess digging through all those to find out what’s being shared, and when it’s being shared.

The notification will also provide direct access to those files with a single tap on it. Users can also opt to enter apps like Google Docs, Calendar etc. when accessing files related to those apps. The feature is available both on Android as well as iOS.

A similar tap-and-go feature is also been provided for users to request a file access from owners. This however, is not currently available for iOS users.


But they will sure have access to the preview feature, which will help them gain the knowledge of the content being shared without opening it, right through their mobile devices.

You can head to the respective app stores if your Google Drive hasn’t been updated till now. Google has also updated its Calendar app alongside, which now helps to recover all deleted events and invites.

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