Tiny Add-on from Chronos Can Turn Your Watch Smart

November 7, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Imagine a piece of technology that can lift your normal watches to the smartwatch terrain! Yes, a device which you would love to  add to your wrist-mate to embrace smartness.

This very concept should have sparked at least once in the minds of everyone who has given a thought of acquiring a smartwatch piece. And now, thanks to Chronos that it’s getting real.

We are not against the growing trend of smartwatch technology. It has got all those easy-access technologies that turn all smartphone activities into something like a piece of cake. Yet, when it comes to wrapping it around our wrists, it feels like we are missing out on something we had earlier with the normal watches.

chronos disc

The lack of choice is being sorted out of late, for which the rounder approach can be pointed out as the example. Even then, it seldom spawns the same feel of the ticking sounds and mechanical dials of your analog watches.

For many, this has been the reason why people turn away from smartwatches, and that could be why Chronos is bringing in their new disc.

It’s nothing but a tiny piece of disc that comes with a cluster of sensors and LEDs to light up your normal watch. Chronos doesn’t find difficulty in fitting to the back of any of the watches around, thanks to its suction mode of adhering and its size, measuring 2.5 mm thick and 33 mm across.

The basic utility of Chronos is with its notification-alert system, for which it is powered with a vibration motor and LED pack.

The latter can glow in six colors and can be customized accordingly with contacts or app, just like you do with the multi-colored pulse light in your smartphones.

You can also set the vibration tones likewise to separate between apps or contacts. Distinct modes of flashing and vibration can also be assigned contact-wise for all contact-specific alerts like calls, messages, emails and WhatsApp.

Chronos also offers tap-control features, letting you perform remote tasks like accepting or rejecting calls, music control, entering phone camera, etc with just a few taps in your ‘converted-smartwatch’.

It also arrives with a charging pad, which the company claims can be charged even when being attached with your watches. A single charge offers up to three days of continuous life.

With all these said, you might think that Chronos is nothing, but a notification alert device for your wrists. If that’s the way, you are proven wrong.

The remaining sensors inside the disc offers many other features that completes the list of tracking activities you can get from a wrist-wearable.

It includes measurement of steps you make, distance, calorie burnt, and many more.  You can also have the companion app integrated with iOS HealthKit or other apps from Android to get the most from it.

Altogether, Chronos does lack many features that are present in smartwatches today, like responding to messages, and deeper tracking activities etc. But that really won’t matter, when having the option to retrofit your normal watch with a smart add-on.

The device is priced $129, but you can have a $30 discount if you pre-order it now. There are also other bundles available, all of which can be checked out and pre-ordered from their website. Shipments will commence by the mid of 2016.

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