Microsoft Starts Inviting Sign-Ups for Cortana Beta on iOS

November 7, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It isn’t long since Microsoft’s previously exclusive Cortana services became open for Android users. The beta services in Android were made open for all during August, but what was missing all these days was info on Cortana for iOS.

Until now, there wasn’t any word on when Microsoft would open up the beta for iOS devices. We still haven’t got any confirmed word on the date. But at least with the latest developments inside, we need to believe that it’s not too far away from us.

The company has now started sign-ups for the testing of Cortana in iOS in the form of a survey. It’s not public however; there’s only limited access for its beta.


And those are reserved for the iOS users from the US and China. Those who want to opt-in must also ensure that they are registered with the Windows Insider Program, which is an essential entry in the survey.

The other questions cover only the normal usage queries like your time of usage with Cortana on PC, iOS version and iPhone device they are using etc. Accepted users will be notified of the beta access by mails in the coming weeks. Users must also have their iOS devices updated to version 8.0 to the least if to run the trials of Cortana.

The beta version of Cortana will feature only limited services from the real app, and will be void of the ‘Hey Cortana’ activation feature from anywhere.

The services were also absent in Android. It will still offer voice search features from within the app. Microsoft assures that the beta will be persistently updated based on user feedback.

The intent to lift Cortana as a cross-platform service was revealed by Microsoft back during May, when the support was intended for both Android, as well as iOS. However, the following months witnessed only developments for Android device, which included a closed beta campaign that was later made public.

They are set to come with a stable version of Cortana on Android. Now with the iOS beta in the offing, chances are that the two might come out to the light in its full form around the same time.

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