Google Inbox Can Now Generate Email Replies by Itself

November 6, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Thinking of where all artificial intelligence can prove its worth? Google is up with an answer, which they can even have it demonstrated with their own app now.

As a part of its ever-expanding overhaul work, Google has now introduced a new feature, which in short can reply to the emails in your inboxes for you automatically. It’s called Smart Reply, and is a feature that Google envisions with high hopes.


Incoming mails will be analyzed using the AI algorithms, which will form the base for bouncing back will bounce back three replies that are crafted by the app.

Users can handpick the reply from the options as a response, or they can have it ignored. They can even do more, by customizing the replies that are spawned by Google.

The process might sound too easy, but it’s not as delicate like it sounds in the inside. The algorithm that is being used is the same that have helped Google learn facial recognition and translation skills; the deep learning efforts. The same was put in to use when Google recently tailored images using its neural networks.

The process used in Inbox app will require heavy stressing, going through the mail patterns and every single word.

In a way, Google’s manner of providing choices is a way that can ease that a bit. All these responses carry the power for user-input changes, which Google depends the most on improving its deep learning efforts.

Currently, the feature is being developed for the Inbox app on Androids and iOS, with the update expected to get rolled out later this week.

If users find the new feature to be the perfect aid in giving replies, we can expect this feature to expand to more of the Google services, including browser versions.

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