SoundCloud App Aims to Offer the Best for Creators and Uploaders

November 5, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chances of an argument are narrow when we say that SoundCloud is a winsome space for music stream. Yet, it hasn’t won the hearts of all to as the first-choice service in music streaming and uploads.

That can be pretty much accounted by the fact that it lacks major contract negotiations, one that subsequently empties out a section off its library.

But over the recent period, we have been witnessing efforts from SoundCloud to get pushed as a major space for artists.


One among those involved the proffering of an idea that would bring paid subscriptions to their channels. Now, we are witnessing the next step as a part of it.

A new app called SoundCloud Pulse has now been launched, and it’s specifically the one for uploaders and creators. Although with priority being given to uploaders, don’t expect to have your tracks uploaded in a tap using this new app. In fact, it doesn’t even have the option to get your tracks uploaded, as of now.

What it does on the other hand is an easy management of your uploaded tracks, including the access for the stats hovering around those.

With SoundCloud Pulse in their hand, users can now have access to more in-depth stats along with other features. Comments can now be replied to instantly, and uploaded tracks can be shared both privately and publicly. You can also follow other users using the new app.


All these are not any novel ones for SoundCloud users. But the intent here is to offer a distinct space for all these activities, out of the playback environment. SoundCloud also assures that more features will be coming out in a short span of time.

Currently, the app can be accessed only on Android devices. An iOS version will soon be released, with which they will also be rolling out new features like track info editing, messaging capabilities, further in-depth analysis of your track performance, and also, the ability to upload your tracks.

There’s no word on when the iOS app and new features will get going. As of now, you can try the Android version by downloading it from Google Play.

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