T-Mobile CellSpot is a Network-Extender for the Indoors

November 4, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all have gone through the torrid experience of seeing our signals dropping when entering our home or when inside a specific room like in your basement.

Those are times we wish if there was a signal-booster for network signals, like you having a Wi-Fi extender for boosting the wireless data signals. Luckily, we are having one now.

It’s called 4G LTE CellSpot, and is launched by T-Mobile. So basically, you would have to be a T-Mobile customer to make use of the indoor network extension.


Don’t confuse it with the previous CellSpot Wi-Fi device which served as your Wi-Fi calling hub –  this one deals with network calls, but with a Wi-Fi boost.

So how does it work? Eventually, what you have is a mini-tower inside your home, the proximity of which will decide the carrier call signal availability.

It’s not actually a signal extender or amplifier. Instead, what it does is that it links your network calls to your home broadband using a radio-technology called ‘femtocell’.

The technology is said to offer strong network coverage at around 3,000 square feet from it, and can also handle up to 16 LTE calls at a time, including VoLTE, Video Calls, HD Voice, and Advanced Messaging services.

The company says that the device is aimed at those areas, where T-Mobile’s network coverage falls short of its rivals.

CellSpot 4G LTE is also the first-of-its-kind device to be arriving from a US carrier provider.

Customers subscribed to the Simple Choice plan can get this mini tower device for free, but will have to pay $25 as refundable deposit.

Eligible customers can contact the T-Mobile stores to book a piece, and it will be sent to your home after it commences shipment this week.

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