Instagram Finally Goes for a Curated Tab

November 4, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Call for change is something inevitable. This applies to all things we come across every day.

Social networking is no trivial stuff for us now, and that’s why we have frequent changes there in the form of updates, each of which subdues the previous ones.

Take for instance a topic or a post of interest for which one had to dig deep into and search for previously. We then found hash-tags that filtered the specified posts for us.


But the most recent trend is the curated tabs, which brings live stuff from around the world every second, so that you needn’t switch to a TV or a webpage to get updated about a particular event.

Instagram is one app which has already thrown its users to the peak of hash-tag usage. And we frankly thought they would remain hesitant to the curated feed section. But we were proven wrong with the recent video channel opened by them on Halloween.

A dedication to ‘Halloween’ means that it’s only a soft launch. We will sure see more of those in coming days as people had fun watching all those Halloween posts on one single space.

The Instagram feature was also reserved for videos, meaning there’s no space for images under that. But they were more precise, and even more neatly stacked.

Unlike having a cluster of images, videos and news, Instagram provided the right space by letting users swiftly jump from videos to videos.

We are not sure if those were handpicked, like it is in Twitter Mentions; it feels like it forms the base of it from hash-tags.

But it looked way ahead in terms of how it clung to the topic. And that very well could be the reason why they will opt to have more of those, providing a strong rivalry for similar services like the one from Snapchat.

As of now, there’s no news on when the curated feed will reappear.  But we have the holiday season arriving in full swing, and Instagram might not want to miss out on that. So we can expect more of it soon.

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