Apple iPad Pro Release Date Revealed; Sets Up Direct Confrontation with Samsung

November 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s been a lot of days since we saw a direct confrontation between Apple and Samsung, at least in the market place. A war seems brewing, with the revelation of Apple’s giant iPad tablet.

Back when Apple introduced its 12.9-inch sized iPad Pro tablet, they didn’t confirm when the release of the device would happen, except for that it will be brought out by November.

In Apple sense, that means almost by the end of November. But folks at 9to5Mac report that the device would get an early-month release.


The reported date of release of the Apple iPad Pro is November 11, five days after Samsung rolls out the Galaxy View, the bigger TV-sized tablet.

That’s exactly what would put the two on a direct rivalry terrain. Basically, both the devices come under the tablet section, and the other bridging factor is the size.

Samsung has gone way beyond the tablet size standards with a massive 18.4-inch sized display. The iPad Pro display definitely lags in size with a 12.9-inch display, but it’s the biggest to arrive from Apple as of now.

It should also be kept in mind that Apple never had a taste for bigger sized tablets, especially during the Steve Jobs era.

The confrontation appears to be well poised between the two. iPad Pro outruns Galaxy View in terms of the storage offering. Galaxy View will arrive initially with 32GB storage, followed by the 64GB version.

On the other hand, iPad Pro will offer 32GB version, combined with a 128GB version. But price matters; iPad Pro arrives at $200 extra for its 32GB version, at $799.

And that’s without a cellular connectivity, which is available only with the 128GB version priced at $1049. Users can also grab the Wi-Fi-only version with 128GB storage at $949.

Besides the tablet, Apple will also have its Pencil stylus and Smart Keyboard released for $99 and $169 respectively. All Apple rigs can be purchased online as well as offline stores.

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