Amazon Prime Music Updates with Android Wear Support

November 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon Music, the streaming app for smartphone devices, hasn’t yet raked up gains in the charts when weighed against other services like Spotify.

But contrastingly, it’s a service that offers quite good perks for its Prime Music subscribers, which is now getting further bolstered with a new update.

The highlight of the new update is the support for Android Wear devices. Users can now manage their music streams right from their wrists using an Android smartwatch.

Prime Music

It includes both music playback controls, and music browsing within the app.

Users of Prime Music will now also have something that is deemed a must for music streaming apps – offline playback from SD cards. With the new update installed, users can now download offline tracks to SD cards.

The offline playback feature was introduced recently to Prime Music subscribers as an update, but failed to offer SD card support. Inbuilt storage rarely come small these days. Yet, that’s a feature Prime Music has been missing, especially when considering the investment users make to have their subscriptions registered.

There are also some other noticeable features and tweaks with the new update, mostly which are focussed on easing the effort involved when searching for music.

A new ‘Popular Music’ tab will now let users to bump into the most popular songs from various categories. Plus, they can also now browse for newly-added songs, artists, and albums to stream the latest additions in Prime Music library.

All of these can be updated from the app space on Google Play. Be patient, in case you don’t find the update. Amazon is rolling out the update as a gradual process.

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