Galaxy View: Everything You need to Know about Samsung’s Massive Tablet

November 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Last month, Samsung took all of us by surprise when they revealed their TV-tablet;  the Galaxy View.

Back then, we had nothing much in our hands to give out to you, except for news that it will arrive with a massive 18.4-inch display.

But now, the South Korean giants have let loose all the info regarding its giant tablet, including the release date and pricing.

So let’s take a looks at all those features that make this next big addition in Samsung Galaxy.


The final revelation from Samsung regarding the Galaxy View now confirms that it will indeed pack an 18.4-inch display as hinted earlier. We have got bigger sized tablets than that.

Yet, it’s the biggest when it comes to the frontrunners in tablet industry, massively outrunning the size of its rival product, the iPad Pro.

Even with its enormous size, Samsung is giving out the option of only 1080p resolution, which can get messy with a pixel density that drops too low.

Under the 18.4-inch sized display is the Exynos 7580 chipset from Samsung, which runs an octa-core A-53 processor clocked at 1.65GHz. The RAM offering is not in plenty here; Galaxy View comes with only GB of RAM.

But you can still have enough from the storage offerings. The Galaxy View will arrive in two size variants; 32GB and 64GB. Plus, you can also have your SD cards inserted, which makes sense for a video-oriented device.

Speak of the video-orientation, Samsung has made every effort to ensure that it doesn’t disappoint the video adherents.

Coming preloaded in the Galaxy View is all sorts of video-based apps including the popular ones like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, Crackle and AOL On. Besides, it also has got further apps like Lifetime, PBS Kids, ESPN and the History Channel.


Samsung’s Galaxy View offers 3G support for its base 32 GB offering, which is priced at $599. Pricing of the device goes up with the expansion to 64GB storage.

There’s also a 4G version arriving, which will be released subsequently. There’s no further info on the release of the LTE edition, except for that it will be arriving with AT&T network tie-up at first.

As with the normal version, the Galaxy View will be coming out to the markets on November 6.

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