Chrome OS to Melt into Android for the Birth of a Unified OS

November 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The taking shape of Alphabet has led to many intriguing changes within the Google industry. One among those dealt with the future of Chrome OS, the one that runs on more than nearly one-fifth of the newly released laptops.

Stats and figures represent a bump in its recent sales, but Alphanet is having quite a different plan for the surging OS.

A report from WSJ now confirms the Google intention that the Android OS will slowly be engulfing Chrome OS, merging the latter to form a new unified OS.


It won’t be happening soon, as the suggested period is only by around 2017. They might be showing off the first glimpses of its new OS during the IO conference next year.

The move is not a surprise, however. Back in 2013, Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt opened up the concept of merging the two Linux OS by refusing to decline its possibility.

A year back, reports emerged that Google has already got its men behind the merging process. And more recently, we had the opening up of support for Android apps in Chrome book, which further enhanced the Linux bonding between the two operating systems.

All those reflected the possibility of merging the two, but recent report suggests that it will be Chrome OS that will be diffused to the Android ecosystem. That would prevail as a unanimous choice too, considering the humungous consumption of Android in smartphones and tablets.

But Chrome OS has got a big say when it comes to the timely updates, which comes irrespective of the vendors unlike in Android. If that gets ticked with the new OS, Google’s envision of having a unified OS for smartphones and desktops barely appears to be crumbled down.

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