Microsoft Revamps Outlook App for iOS and Android with a Touch of Sunshine

October 31, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Upon launch, the Outlook app never looked like it was a cloned version of the desktop version.

Instead, it came with well crafted design elements which got birth from the Accompli acquisition by Microsoft.

Now they are bringing out something similar with another one of their acquisitions.

A new update has now started pecking at the Outlook app on iOS and Android devices, which makes sense on why they purchased the Sunrise calendar management app.


With a new vivid interface and solid patchworks with the calendar utilities, Microsoft is finally having both acquisitions brought down to the same platform, merging them to create the best for its Outlook app.

With the new update, icons and buttons now get more robustly placed throughout the app. Users can now view the contact images, if any, right in their inbox section, which itself is blessed with an improved design concept.

But what delights more than anything is the calendar upgrade, which borrows a lot of features from Sunshine app.

Jumping between dates has now become simpler and visually beautiful, and buttons are now imprinted with calendar dates.

You can also have access to multiple calendar views at the same time, all of which presents the well-tuned utilization of Sunshine acquisition.

The update is currently being rolled out gradually to iOS devices. Android update will be dispatched only after a couple of weeks.

But there’s a consolation for the delay; it will be arriving with all the benefits of Material Design principle from Google.

The update also marks the time for the near withdrawal of Sunshine, whose features will soon be confined to Outlook app. Other e-mail app users might face a hard time.

But it was always a part of the plan; Microsoft has been working behind the merging of the e-mail and calendar platforms they acquired even before they brought up the Outlook app in January.

Microsoft explains that the withdrawal won’t be carried out immediately, as they are willing to provide ample time for users before making their move to Outlook; a service which is enjoying subscriptions from over 30 million people.

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