Microsoft Arrow Launcher Arrives on App Store after Wrapping Up Beta

October 31, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not long ago, we had our hands on the beta version of Arrow, Microsoft’s first ever launcher attempt for the Android ecosystem.

Now, after running through the beta phase for nearly two months, Microsoft has decided to officialise its solid version.

The Arrow launcher from Microsoft is one of the cleanest efforts by the Garage team for Android. We are speaking so after being unimpressed with the previous efforts, which included the Next lock screen, and smartwatch search assistant Torque.


Both of the entries failed to grab interest solely because of their lack of offering when compared with the other apps. But the Garage team can surely be proud of what they have grafted with Arrow.

The official version of the app does retain all those perky features that were involved in the beta form; an apps-filled home-screen, instant access to contacts and dialer tab by swiping left, alphabetical arrangement in app drawers, and more.

What they have improved here is with the swipe-right option on home-screen, which now lists your recent activities along with the recently opened apps. The activities can list anything including your recent calls, contact additions, new clicks, and mail activities.

There’s also a reshuffle of the home-screen app list, which now prioritizes the recently placed apps. Of course, you can always customize those by heading to the settings dock below, which includes additional options now with settings.

Besides having wallpaper selections, the settings page now also offers to select the app you want to hide, along with an option to choose the icon packs.

You can download the app for free from Google Play. And also don’t forget to check out the services like including OneNote and OneDrive if looking for a complete Microsoft experience, without drifting off from the Android platform.

There’s also this new Outlook update arriving next week with Material Design principals. We finally get the feel that Microsoft and its Garage Project are up for taking the users to a different platform within the Android ecosystem.

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