Motobot, Yamaha’s Brand New Motorcycle-Riding Humanoid, Revealed

October 30, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A forewarning for all motorcycle racers out there; a brand new racer is raring to clock greater speeds on race tracks.

Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Well, here’s more. He is arriving from the family of Yamaha, one among the forerunners in the speedy world of motorcycles.

And, you will be wonder struck if you would have a closer look at the new racer.


Called the Motobot, this new racer from the house of Yamaha is not someone who thinks like a human, or even works like a human. In fact, it’s not human at all.

This piece of technology is the latest revelation that was put forward by Yamaha at the Tokyo Motor Show on Wednesday.

The Motobot is Yamaha’s autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot, which is designed to fit and throttle unmodified bikes, specifically designed for race courses.

A demonstration video was also revealed by Yamaha, which shows the blue-hooded Motobot working his way through demo tracks.

With racer-gaits and throttle-gripping mechanical arms, Yamaha’s Motobot is purely designed to perform at high grades along race tracks.

Yamaha claims that they have been working hard to clock the humanoid-run motorbikes at over 200km/h. Although, they haven’t disclosed the speed at which Motobot can cruise right now.

The debut of speedy humanoid doesn’t mean that Yamaha will be putting them on racetracks to compete with humans straight away.  But it will still have its role on Yamaha’s racing machines.

The technological innovations and know-how achieved with Motobot will be put to action on their rides to improve ‘rider safety and rider-support systems’ on racetracks. Or that’s one way of saying that robots have now evolved to be an integral part for bringing out the best in a human racer.

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