Meet GI FlyBike; the Foldable Bike with Electric Boost

October 30, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A New York-based firm has now brought to the perfect bike you might want to take out for a spin along the city streets.

Called the GI GlyBike, it comes with two easy solutions that simply hurl it to the top of the wish list for commuter bikers. And, it’s foldable, and electric too!

We have seen plenty of foldable bikes previously, which actually instead of being foldable, came as dismountable pieces. But this one quite sticks close to the term, and can be folded into half its size in just a second with what they call the FlyFold system. No screw unbolting, no interlocking pieces; this one is as easy as it can get.


Once folded, it can easily fit into narrow spaces for parking, or for transportation in your cars. It weighs only 37 pounds.

But don’t let that fool you; GI FlyBike is made of aircraft grade aluminum, making it much more durable than your normal bikes.

Making it more comfortable for your daily rides is its electric motor, which can take you up to a speed of 15mph when put in to action with your pedalling moves. A single charge is enough to take your bike for a spin of around 40 miles.

There is also a smart-lock feature, which can lock your bikes in the folded state when you are 15 feet away from it.


The accompanying app ensures an easy sharing of your bike, with easy unlocking via app for handing the bike to your friends.

Other features include a smartphone connectivity option for navigation and charging, belt drives, anti-puncture tyres, and integrated LED lights.

GI FlyBike is currently available for pre-order at $2,290 on Kickstarter, where it raised an amount of over $300,000, around four times larger than its projected goal. It will also be made available via Amazon Exclusives.

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