Xiaomi Might Mimic Apple 3D Touch Technology for Mi 5

October 29, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Xiaomi has already seen heaps of accusations dumped on it for its imitation of Apple concepts in OS, device designs and the like.

Now, here’s another technology that is going to be embraced by the Chinese Apple, which apparently has got its birth from the Apple minds.

Reports have now emerged from China indicating that Xiomi’s upcoming flagship, the Mi 5 smartphone, will be featuring the touch technology that can differentiate the pressure responses, which in other name is known as Apple’s 3D Touch technology.


That makes Xiaomi the second Chinese manufacturer to rope in the technology after Huawei. The feature was introduced in the recently launched iPhone 6S device by Apple, and is raking up high interest from app developers.

Xiaomi’s touch-sensing technology could either be in-house, or aided by Synaptics, a company with which they have previously worked for Xiaomi Mi 4c.

The device featured ClearPad S3708 from Synaptics, which was actually designed with Side Touch and 3D Touch (ClearForce) technologies. But only the latter found its place in Mi 4c due to the price factor.

However, Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship may shed all that barriers, given its intent to feature high-end spec sheets. The device will be featuring the Snapdragon 820 SoC, which is yet to be unveiled by Qualcomm.

It is also said to the fastest from the Qualcomm family. Besides, Xiaomi will also improve the display by embracing QHD display in Mi 5.

After having all these on-board, we don’t think Xiaomi will go back to the touch-screen technology, which has already found place in a Xiaomi device, making the 3D Touch technology a near certainty in Mi 5.

Xiaomi is expected to launch Mi 5 this November, with shipments expected to commence only by next year. They would also be launching the Redmi Note 2 Pro device alongside.

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