Facebook Notifications to Look Beyond Birthday Alerts

October 29, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Notifications from Facebook used to be limited to your social circle. All those notifications being pushed at your disposal were mainly related with posts, comments, birthdays or events provided within the walls of your Facebook account.

But in future, that won’t be the case. And when we mean future, we mean the very near future.

Facebook has already started rolling out the updates for your smartphone devices that’s to turn your Facebook notification into an information hub.


With greater influence from the card-based notification alerts, Facebook will now push notifications for other timely alerts and updates also like sports updates including live scores, community news, TV events, and many others; all those of which will be sorted from the pages you have liked in Facebook.

It can also tap-in your location history and if given the permission, Facebook notifications will be further expanded to cover other lively and timely updates including weather updates and alerts, nearby movies, nearby events, nearby places of interest, etc.

Facebook hasn’t revealed whether it will be further updating its notification system to include more furnished info. But going by how it appears, the new notification will jump into that space which is currently occupied by services like Google Now and other personal assistant apps.

Similar to Google Now, the cards in Facebook notification can be controlled from your account to show what’s relevant to you.

Users will have to tweak these settings at first to start receiving the new updates. Unless they do so, Facebook will continue to push the older notifications.

The notification system is gradually being rolled out to both iOS as well as Android devices.

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