This is How the Android Version of Apple Music Looks Like

October 28, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tim Cook’s revelation about Apple Music was that it has hit over 15 million subscribers ever since launch in June. The numbers are soaring at a slow pace now.

But by this fall, it will have a surge as Apple is gearing up to release the Android version of Apple Music.

Apparently, we haven’t got many months left for the Android version release. Chances are that Apple might have already entered the beta phase considering the timeline. In fact, they have actually crossed many miles with the Android works for Apple Music, confirms the latest leaks.


Thanks to the German website MobileGeeks, we now have a few glimpses of how the Android version of Apple Music would look like. A few windows and sections of the app have now been revealed by the site including tabs like New, For You, and the Beats One radio.

As it appears from the images, Apple has maintained the appearance of the app to make it resemble with that of the iOS version. Yet, it’s the prime mainstream-app entry from Apple, and they might not be willing to let down the Android users like they did with the previous Move to iOS app.

They have indeed got the Android elements loaded, including a narrow material flow with the Android-accustomed side menu on top.

Apple Music on Android is expected to be arriving with all those features available on iOS device. A private beta is currently on roll as per reports, which will include all those features on iOS, plus a feature to tweak the cache size of offline music files in Apple Music.

The feature is absent in iOS devices, and we are not sure whether it will be an Android exclusive one. Apple Music can get updated in time with the release of Apple Music Android.

But we hope that exclusiveness remains, just as a mere compensation for their prime effort on Android.

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