Instant Articles from Facebook Goes Public on iOS Devices

October 27, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook users on iOS devices will now be able to give an extra kick while reading articles.

Not only will they be able to have the entire story viewed without leaving the Facebook app, they will also have the news articles loaded in lightning speeds, thanks to Instant Articles from Facebook.

The new feature from Facebook has been designed to let users read articles on the go, along with cutting down the load times to less than one-tenth of those in normal browsers.


Select articles on Facebook iOS app will now be carrying a lightning icon with it, clicking on which the article will expand to show the full content within the app.

Articles loaded this way will also enable quick-load feature to have the full story loaded ten times faster than of in normal mobile browser.

Not every article shared on Facebook will be blessed with the new feature. Currently, Instant Articles feature is supported on the stories provided by some of the top publishers which include the New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, NBC News, Huffington Post, and Daily Mail among the rest. Facebook will be expanding the feature to more publishers in the coming week gradually.

The service until now was undergoing its beta phase, during which the developers were testing the feature for a few iOS users.

It was also in this period during which Google launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages feature; a tweak to the web-page load algorithm to have the pages loaded faster.

The latest update for iOS will have the option made available for all iOS users.

Facebook is also carrying out the beta works for the Android version of Instant Articles, which will be commencing next week. The feature will be made public for Android at some stage later this year.

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