Giphy New Web Toolkit Makes GIF Creation Easy

October 27, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We know how far Giphy has worked for us to help yield the best GIF files for us. First, they had the Giphy Cam app which helped us create live-action GIFs using camera rolls.

Now they are taking it out to the creation of GIFs from video files, including YouTube videos.

Giphy has now unveiled the new GIF creation tools, which makes the task of GIF creation so puny in the online world.


The space for the collection of wide GIFs now offers a new create button, which not only lets us create GIFs through video uploads, but also trims the given YouTube video and hands it out as GIF files.

The best part with the creation tool is how simple they have managed to offer GIF creation.

The only thing you are required to do is to feed the inputs, which can be commenced by clicking the Create button on the top-right. From there, Giphy will be guiding you through every step.

Users will be given the option of having their video uploaded, or they can choose to paste the YouTube link of the video from which they want to create the GIF file.

Both the process will require you to set the timeframe from which the video must be cropped. Once done, all it takes is a few second run with the green loading bar.

Once finished, you can also upload your GIFs directly to the Giphy community. You can also try other video links in the new creation tool, but success is not guaranteed with every sites.

Creation of GIFs from Vimeo turned out to be a no-go. But of course, you can have all your resources from YouTube itself.

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