Misfit Shine 2 is an Upgrade-packed Second Gen Activity Tracker

October 26, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As it sounds, it may feel like the devices from Misfit may not be the right ones for your wrists. But don’t go by its name, Misfit is one such brand that has proved its worth with its first activity tracker, Shine.

Now they are up again with its successor, packed with upgrades to the brim.

Shine 2 is basically an activity tracker, which keeps tabs on your all your sleep and fitness activities.

misfit_shine_2 (1)

The overhaul with the new device is not entirely focussed on what it does, but also piled on the hardware components, making it more efficient with what it does.

The display-less trait of Shine still prevails in the successor. But it has not gone down to a level that’s to irritate you. As many as 12 new multi-colour LEDs now find place in Shine 2, which with animations will inform you of all vital information you demand.

This gets mounted on the same round design, but has been made a bit smaller in terms of thickness.

Speaking of the hardware additions, what grabs our attention the most is the improved 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer, which is clearly the reason for Shine 2’s vamped up performance as compared with its predecessor.

Touch responsiveness has been taken to a new dimension with this, and movements are now tracked with greater precision.

Another hardware addition is the new vibration motor, which does its work to inform you of almost everything related with your activity.

Alerts can also be set to inform you about lack of motion or activity like you see in Apple Watches. Besides, it can also inform you about incoming calls or messages.

It also makes use of the Misfit Link app to take control of other gadgets like music players, and smart home devices.

Apart from the additions, Shine 2 also features some replacements, prime of which is the battery. The replaceable battery from the predecessor has now been omitted in favor of an integrated battery, letting users get untangled from charging concerns.

The life of the new battery is claimed to be around six months. Water-resistance has also seen an improvement, with the device being able to withstand up to 50m water splashes.

Misfit will be launching the Shine 2 trackers for a price of $100 in Carbon Black and Rose Gold colors, with the black colored band.

More color options will later be introduced after it arrives in the market, which is scheduled to be in November.

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