Instagram Boomerang App Creates Flawless GIFs with To and Fro Footages

October 26, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What goes around comes around’. Isn’t this saying best related with a boomerang? Yes. But when it comes to the app version of the flat aero foil, there’s a little tweak. It’s ‘what plays forward plays backward’.

We are speaking of the new app called Boomerang that has hit the app stores this week. And it’s developed by Instagram.

So you can guess by now that it has got a tie knotted with photographic aspects of your device. Bingo!


Instagram’s new Boomerang app is a short-video looping app. But unlike what you see in popular services like Vine, videos in Boomerang don’t kill the continuity once the loop ends.

Or in other words, the videos here are to and fro footages. Once the video ends in Boomerang, it enters the loop circle only after having your video reversed, fetching it back to where it began.

That would look too boring if applying it to a 5-second or longer video. That’s why the developers have cut short the video length in Boomerang. Footages captured in Boomerang are extra-short bits, nearly of around one or two seconds.

What you may not crack is that instead of capturing in video format, Boomerang actually snaps a few images in burst mode to do the reverse trick.

Footages created using Boomerang get saved directly to your gallery. Although from Instagram, Boomerang won’t ask for your Instagram credentials to let you start capturing Boomerang footages. But of course, you can provide those to instantly have your images shared in your Instagram circle, Facebook or other services.

The app is also not the first one from Instagram team to be focussed with short video services. Previously, they had rolled out Hyperlapse, a short-video creation app that let you fast forward the frames within to create time-lapses. The app is made available for both Android devices and iOS devices.

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