Lenovo Yoga 900 Launched, Yoga 3 Successor with Intel Skylake Processor

October 21, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Lenovo’s Yoga series laptop occupies a vital space in the laptop industry, for it introduced the concept of 360-degree convertibles.

Yet, its core product never picked up the pace of other laptops that came off the convertible hood. But it now seems like Lenovo has finally found that missing block, putting it in the right spot to deliver the Yoga 900 laptop.

Lenovo’s latest Yoga device is the true successor to its Yoga 3 and Yoga 3 Pro devices, matching up everything its predecessor offered along with key improvements.


And those improvements have been specially focussed to address the shortcomings, covering up the processor and battery performance. Before we speak of that, let’s get to know the hardware that forms the Yoga 900.

The display used in the device remains the same as in Yoga 3 Pro; a 13.3 inch IPS display with 3200×1800 pixel resolution. The watchband hinge design in its exterior now comes with some major tweaks to make the previous flaws disappear in the new Yoga. They have also maintained some vamp-ups moving inside.

The Yoga 900 made its debut with a RAM of 16GB, which you can find nowhere else in the Yoga series. You can revert to the normal 8GB RAM if you feel the 16GB RAM to be surplus.

The same applies to the SSD option too, with users given the choice of selecting between the options of 256GB and 512GB.

What appears to be a key improvement is the processing segment. The Yoga 900 features the latest and the best you get from the house of Intel – the  Core i7 Skylake 6500U processor. It also provides the option of having the 6200 processor.

The previous Broadwell-based chipset had drawn flak mainly with its tablet-based architecture, and Lenovo is making sure that won’t be the case with Yoga 900.

With Skylake architecture, Yoga 900 is expected to bring out the best possible benchmarks among the Yoga laptops. But besides, the processor is also expected to boost the battery performance despite drawing double the watts as that of in previous Broadwell processor.


Combine this with the improved 66 watt-hour battery and the Yoga 900 will bring out a solid back-up of more than 8-hours as claimed by Lenovo.

They have also managed to pack an active cooling solution under the hoods to deliver the most from the running parts.

Being a premium device, the Yoga 900 hasn’t done any degradation to its pricing either. The device is priced at a higher point than of the Yoga 3 devices, and arrives at a minimum pricing of $1,199.99, which can expand up to $1,499 based on thesystem hardware you choose.

Besides, Lenovo has also launched a new 27-inch variant called the Yoga Home 900, but with minimized spec array. It comes with a newly launched interface app called the Aura, both of which can be taken home for a price of $1,599.

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