Waze Finally Gets a Major Update with Tap-and-Go Navigational Features

October 20, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Top five navigational apps in smartphones would rarely miss out the name Waze. Such is the app functionality that even its somewhat-grubby appearance has never pulled it off the list of favourites. And we thought it would go richer, when Google acquired its services in 2013.

But it later turned out like Google was having its revenge for its take on Google Maps. With lesser updates and unimproved interfaces, Waze remained clogged than ever for navigational purposes. We couldn’t help but curse Google for that.

But now, a major update is now being rolled out with an eye on a driving experience that’s simpler, and social.


Navigation has now been made easier than ever on Waze, thanks to the new interface that lets us skip through the navigation tasks with a matter of taps.

Everything that appears in the navigation screen now resembles the navigation app of its parent. Yet, it keeps up the authentic Waze feeling we have been missing out over the recent period.

One of the new highlights is with the team’s effort to make the navigation more social, with which it has now become essentially driver-centric.

Vital information like road blocks and accidents can now be shared on the Waze app, making it easier for drivers to plan their journey while on the go. The notification system also ensures that drivers be alerted in every such instances.

And it’s not just road blocks or cop-locations which you can share. You can even share your own navigational info like ETA or current location to anyone within your circle. Users can also set-up a remainder system which will let them know when to leave for an event according to the prevailing drive conditions.

The update also covers other improvements like a better appearance, improved battery performance and other similar tweaks. Head for the iOS store to have the version 4.0 of Waze app installed on your devices.

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