YouTube Gaming Latest Update Makes it a Winner in Mobile Broadcasting

October 19, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

YouTube never hid its intentions while launching its dedicated video service for gaming. It was quite plain that they were after Twitch, the name that currently tops the video game broadcasting arena.

It feels a bit early now to have a call on whether they have reached somewhere near their aim, but the latest update for its mobile platform shows that they are up for it.

YouTube is now rolling out the version 1.1 of YouTube Gaming, which appears like it will shake the grounds of all mobile broadcasters out there. The prime update of the YouTube Gaming app brings in what’s most required in the easiest way possible – Mobile Capture


With the press of an option called the Go Live, YouTube Gaming will allow you to capture gaming footages from your smartphone by capturing the entire screen, which you can broadcast live using the app. Videos can also be recorded, for you to have it uploaded later.

You can decide that before having your gameplay footages captured. You can also switch the video quality between 720p and 480p.

youtubegaming2You can also capture videos using your front cam if you feel like adding a bit of introduction before you start your stream, and also to intervene in between.

The latest update is not solely designed for mobile capture either; there are also other new additions.

A Fan Funding button now instantly lets you support the broadcaster by tapping in a sum of your choice.

There’s also the Watch Later option that’s being introduced to the YouTube Gaming app which now lets you download videos like in the parent app. You can also now import your existing subscriptions from YouTube app.

Checkout the new update here on Play store for Android, or on iTunes for iOS

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