TiVo Bolt DVR Lets You Skip Commercial Breaks

October 8, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Video recorders are those devices you barely expect to get updated, at least when compared with the pace of evolution of TVs and set top boxes. But DVR provider TiVo is absolutely nailing it too.

They have now announced a new digital video recording device called the Bolt. As it sounds, it does give a bolt to users with what it sounds to be the right move for TV buffs.

The new in-built tagging feature in TiVo’s Bolt DVR means it says a big no to commercial breaks. Users can now skip the entire commercial breaks when watching recorded shows from TVs, be that sports or movies.

tiVo Bolt

The highlight here is that it offers a complete jump, taking you past the entire span of commercial breaks, unlike in the previous TiVo model, which let users skip not more than 30 seconds of those.

The one device that has adopted similar feature prior to TiVo is the Hopper DVR from Dish. But it presents a flip side due to its effort to hitch commercial licensing terms from channels. Viewers cannot trigger the commercial skip feature for the first few days after the program is being broadcasted. But TiVo’s users’ choice claim means they are free from such stumbling blocks.

Working with over 20 OTA and cable channels, Bolt uses its indigenous feature to tag the commercial contents for users, which then can be decided by the users to skip with a single click.

Besides, there’s also a quick play feature that lets users play the shows 30 times faster, but without losing the audio notes in the process. Bolt will have the audio pitch perfectly synced during quick playbacks, which combined with the commercial break skipping can have the play times cut down to less than half.

And finally, there’s 4K support too, provided that the channels broadcast in UHD resolutions.

TiVo’s Bolt has got its price starting from $300, which will hand you 500GB of storage for recordings and a one-year service from TiVo. Services will cost $15 a month post the one-year period.

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