Tweetbot 4 for iOS Brings Some Anticipated Updates for iPads

October 7, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever since iOS 7 made the touchdown, it was like iPad devices were left far behind by Tweetbot, the third party service provider of Twitter.

Lack of updates, extremely unmatched design interface – the reasons were many for the iPad users to revert to the first party app services from Twitter.

But Tweetbot is finally addressing those issues, it seems, with the latest app package Tweetbot 4. And for the first time, we now have a universal approach embraced by Tweetbot which seldom differentiates iPad version from iPhone version.


What it means is that iPad users can now cherish what’s been missing on their devices. That includes a new split-view multitasking mode too.

All these don’t mean iPhone users are given no reason to rejoice. As mentioned earlier, Tweetbot 4 arrives with a unified approach that ushers both the iPads and iPhones.

The biggest of all is the new Activity tab, which now let users access notifications for mentions, favourites and retweets.

Initial versions of Tweetbot did offered notification segments, however as Twitter gradually phased out its broader third party API, Tweetbot remained void of those.

But now that’s getting tweaked with the engineering works within the Tweetbot team.

Simultaneously, there’s also a Stats tab provided alongside to view through multiple stats of your Twitter account, even providing graphical comparisons of your various Tweets.

There’s also a new feature that lets users reply quickly to Tweets via notification panel.

All these update package is now available for an offer price of $4.99 in iTunes, which definitely won’t last for long.

The pricing will jump to $9.99 once the discount gates are closed, but we haven’t got a date for the running discount period either.

Users can also have the Tweetbot 3 and 4 bundled in a single package for $9.99 post this period.

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