LG Gram Light Weight Laptop Debuts in the US  

October 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s quite plain and open that LG’s laptop segment had never had been resonating in the same frequency as of its remaining segment.

Quite frankly, many still remain unaware of the fact that they have been into the portable PC segment, and one such market which has completely remained oblivious to LG laptops was the US.

But LG is slowly cracking the jinx. In a move to spread more across the west, LG is making the touchdown of its laptop devices in the US market, and it will start off with the newly announced light-weight notebooks from LG called Gram.


What’s a Gram? A unit of weight measurement it is, and that’s what LG showcases too. The new range of Gram devices are the ones that weighs only in grams, and not in kilograms.

There are two variants; the one with 13-inch screen and the other with a 14-inch screen. But there seems to be only trivial variation with their weight measurements, as both points to nearly 980 grams when weighed. That’s much lighter than the MacBook Air, which measures 300 grams more even with the 13-inch model.

LG has kept the pricing of its device between $900 and $1400, not a budget range and that’s why they have got some decent spec lineup packed inside. Intel’s 5200 i5 processor forms the base choice you can opt, with the storage being supplied by a 128GB SSD. Moving up the order will introduce the i7 5500 processor on to the board, along with a jump to 256GB SSD.


All the variants come loaded with a RAM of 8GB, and feature a display resolution of 1920×1080. The latter is indeed is alluring, since even the 15-inch variants nowadays fail to arrive with matching resolutions.

LG’s debut US laptops have now started making its run at Amazon. Besides, there’s also a Signature Edition bloat-ware free LG Gram 14 getting introduced at the Microsoft Store.

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