AmpMe Can Make Your Smartphones Roar Collectively at Blasting Volumes

October 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all know how hard it is to crank up the volumes in our smartphones. That’s why we prefer it the least to play some music even when having no other music amps at our disposal. But surprisingly, there’s a cool solution to tweak this out.

Some cool minds have now put up a new app called the AmpMe, and it aims to give your smartphones a leg up in playing music while in parties or hangouts.

The latter part has to be highlighted, as the app is not something which amplifies your smartphone speaker on a single device, but does the little trick by collaborating with the rest.


Basically, AmpMe is a music sync app, with which you get to sync the Sound Cloud music playback on all connected devices, so that you can have a better output in noisy environs. And it does works well, provided you have a good count of devices to get tapped in with the app.

AmpMe requires only a single user to start the hosting, which can be joined in by multiple devices, provided they have the app installed on their devices too. Joining a playback doesn’t require you to be connected with a Sound Cloud account either; a party code is all it requires to join the music playback using other devices. The rest is done all by itself, including music shuffles and next track playbacks.

The app is supported on iOS as well as Android, and works fine even on tablets. The developers also claim that if offers multi-speaker setup with some of the Bluetooth Speakers like Jambox.  AmpMe currently offers only Sound Cloud integration, but further music services are expected to be brought onboard soon.

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