Roku 4 Spotted in FCC Listing with High-End Stream Capabilities

October 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It appears that set-top box manufacturer Roku is not in the mood to stand back and watch the show being controlled by the rest.

A new flagship stream-box device is now reportedly in the offing, and it’s to take on rivals with a bang.

Things are now getting boiled up as a recently spotted FCC listing reveals that the next from the maker, likely to be called Roku 4, will be powered by some high-end streaming capabilities.


There’s no indication of the 4K presence, which was earlier spoken about. However, the leak suggests that the hardware is vamped up to feature all it takes to stream 4K content.

One such addition is the faster 802.11ac WiFi, which has been confirmed by the leak. The step-up is believed to be a step towards having 4K streaming.

There is also an added support for Bluetooth peripherals, with reports suggesting that it might be for headsets and remote controls.

Also, there’s no confirmation of whether the device will be brought out as Roku 4. The device in the listing appears to be named 4400X. Instead of having it released as a successor, Roku might also be thinking of upgrading its current line-up of Roku 3 and Roku 2 devices with improved hardware, suggest reports.

But it’s already going to be two years since Roku hit the market with a new flagship. And it only seems wise to say that the time is apt to have a kick in the market, with rivals like Nvidia and Amazon ushering in their own flagships with high-end technologies.

Whatever be its name, the new device is expected to be brought under the spotlight during the early weeks of October. So we needn’t have to wait much to know what they are bundling up.

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