Hipstamatic App on iOS Gets Brushed Up with Added Features for iPhone 6S

October 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The 3D touch feature in iPhone 6S was much anticipated to make the developers go deep down, and here they are showing up with the results.

One among the first batch of apps to show the support for the new feature is Hipstamatic, the retro capturing app that still remains a favourite among many loyal users.

A new Hipstamatic 300 update is now being rolled out to users, and it lifts the app with multiple features, along with deeper integration that’s dedicated for iPhone 6S.


The most highlighted among those is its new support for the 3D Touch capability in the new device.

The pressure sensing is now utilized by the thumbnail view at home, with which various actions can be triggered by means of the touch you input.

Having a light touch means you can use the thumbnail view to enlarge the image for a larger view, and pressing it a bit more harder means you can jump to the edit page.

Besides, the new update also lets Hipstamatic to take full control of the iSight rear camera. 12MP pictures can now be captured using the improved sensors in iPhone 6S, with support for full resolution on all its effects used within the app.

The app also gets other fine tunings that can be used on all devices. A new ProMode feature now lets you work more precisely with focus, white balance, exposure, shutter speed, ISO and aspect ratio.

The latter now doesn’t stick to the square mode, letting users work out with various aspect ratios when shooting.

Another feature is the DarkRoom Suite, to where you can fetch your images to edit the finer details like texture qualities, depth of fields etc.

Users can also opt to have the former experience of Hipstamatic by enabling the classic mode.

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