Samsung Gear VR Headset Comes Cheaper; Adds Smartphone Support

October 1, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Revamping a device with improved features often gives manufacturer a reason for a price hike. But then, Samsung is going against the trend, with their newly announced Gear VR.

At the recent Oculus Connect conference, Samsung made a big leap in the field of VR with their newly announced $99-priced Gear Virtual Reality headset, powered by Oculus technology.

Coming at half the price of the original Gear VR, Samsung’s new gadget has also got some robust additions in terms of its smartphone support.


While its successor was meant to work only with high-end devices, Samsung’s newbie will extend its support for more devices, and will include the entire 2015 range of devices including Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge+.

There are some other big additions too. The track-pad from the predecessor is now replaced with a new tactile directional pad. It makes sense; you never get to know where the track-pad is when having your eyes engulfed.

Besides, Samsung has also managed to transform the device into a lighter one, with 22% less weight than its forerunner. There’s also a smart companion for the newbie; the all new Gear VR Gamepad.

The new cheaper Gear VR is to go on sale by November, during the Black Friday sale season. And with a heavy price-cut, it can be anticipated that the device will have a broader ride this time.

The VR field is slowly getting coupled up with a wider range of fields, along with which the new price-cut and broader support for smartphone is sure to make the new Gear VR more cherished among consumers than the first one.

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