You Can Now Watch 360-degree Videos in Your Facebook News Feed

September 29, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook and Oculus: Two firms that descend from the same ménage. Yet, even after having a relationship standing for more than a year, we haven’t much from them in a combined avatar. But now, we are finally having it.

Facebook has now launched their new 360-degree video viewing feature in Facebook, starting with an awesome VR experience from Star Wars. More can be expected, as Facebook reveals that VR Videos will soon be posted from Star Wars, Discovery, GoPro, Uninterrupted With LeBron James, NBC’s Saturday Night Live, and VICE.


Of course, there has been an involvement of Oculus technology in Facebook’s new effort. However, that doesn’t mean that the videos are meant to be VR specific. Facebook’s 3D videos are drag and view type, like the one you have experienced on YouTube. And the better part is that they work awesomely well with your Android smartphones too.

Facebook’s 360 degree video viewing won’t work if you decide to spin your heads with a VR gadget on. Instead, you can opt to have the entire angle view in your smartphones by scrolling across the screen.


And thanks to the sensors, there’s always a better way in smartphones; by simply spinning you device around to see how the world inside the video unfurls. Unfortunately, iOS devices aren’t yet updated with the service, but we can expect soon within a few months.

Facebook also reveals that 360-degree videos can be uploaded by anyone, which will help the users to make their vacation and adventure videos more lively.

Those aren’t the only section where 360-degree videos are expected to flourish. Business, sports, movies; there are countless number of fields that will be making the most out of this new innovation in Facebook. We just need to be a bit patient.

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