Pebble’s Latest Smartwatch is its Lightest; Arrives with a Round Face

September 29, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Watches are meant to be round, and Pebble is no exception for that. The smartwatch manufacturers who went on a spree with their Kickstarter funded Pebble smartwatch is now up with their latest off-spring, and it seems like they are acknowledging what was said first.

Pebble Time Round is the latest to be unveiled from Pebble Technologies, and as you could guess from the name, it does come with a round face.

The $250 smartwatch is the first from Pebble to don a round watchface. And in the process, they have also made the device their lightest and thinnest smartwatch till date, measuring just 7.5 mm in thickness.


Moreover, Pebble Time Round will also be arriving in two strap measurements – 14mm and 20mm.

Apart from those, Pebble has also managed to keep many of its features from the previous editions well intact, including a microphone for voice commands, a 1.25-inch 64-color display and many more.

What’s missing here is the water resistant capability of previous editions. That doesn’t mean they are to go down with the slightest of touch with water splashes.

Yet, you must rethink before you go deep under the water with Pebble Time Round.

It also has got its battery life brought down, with a running time of nearly a couple of days.

Apart from those, Pebble had indeed done a solid job here to make their new gadget look appalling than ever before.

With the metallic embrace, black and white bezels and the slimy design, it really looks like the best from Pebble so far, and sure sticks close to the feel of traditional watches when clinging on to your hands.

The smartwatch will be available at markets from November 8. Pebble has started collecting pre-orders through their website, as well as on Best Buy, Target and on Amazon.

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