Gmail Now Lets You Block Users With Just a Couple of Clicks

September 28, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Inbox flooding is not something which we are entirely alien to. We still have got those countless number of mails we wish had gone to the bin directly rather than popping up in our inboxes.

Google has vowed their commitment towards slashing similar mails. Even having brought in the spam flooding to less than 50%, Google is still continuing their process of providing a spam-free inbox.

As a part of their persistent work, Google is introducing a new measure to tackle down mails and users you do not want to get bumped into.


A new ‘Block Sender’ feature has been introduced in Gmail, which will now let users direct the mail to spam folder.

The feature is not entirely new. We were able to do so previously, but except for that we had to filter all those unwanted messages.

With the new feature, blocking mails and users have become a two-click process. The option is available in the drop-down menu in your mail for desktop version.

Google assures that the feature will be rolled out to the app version this week. Besides the block feature, the Gmail app will also now have the unsubscribe button, which was already present in the desktop version.

The feature lets user unsubscribe for mailing lists directly from Gmail, without having to leave the app and proceed to third-party sites.

As of now, the features are made available only in the Android version of the app. No word on whether the services will come to iOS devices simultaneously.

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