Form 2 Looks like the Predecessor, but Carries Out Effortless 3D Printing in a Better Manner

September 28, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It was around three years ago we witnessed the entry of Form 1; a 3D printer that was to be the Macintosh of the 3D printing world. At least that’s what Colin Raney of Formlabs called his product. And it’s fair to admit that he was right.

3D printing was never an easy task, but only until the entry of the tiny cubical printer from Formlabs. The testament for its success can be checked by checking out its Kickstarter campaign, where it raised a record $3million for its goal of 100,000. Those are anyway stories from the past. What matters for them now is their new, robust version of its Form 3D printers.


It’s called Form 2, and it’s quite identical to its predecessor in its looks. But don’t get fooled by just the looks. For, the sibling has got much more to offer.

The most significant aspect is the improved laser capacity, which now makes the 3D printers 50% more powerful. 3D prints will now appear sharper than before, with higher resolution and precise details. One better thing is that you can now have your prints amplified by up to 40%. The bigger capacity in the new Form 2 printer means you could now have larger prints.

The benefits don’t run out with these either. Form 2 ensures that you stay connected always with its new Wi-Fi integration, which is still a missing piece in many of the modern-day 3D printers.

It has also infused a new cartridge system, so that you could now fill inks like you do with a normal 2D printer. The internal memory has also got beefed up to 8GB now in the touch-screen enabled Form 2 printers.


All the biggies do come for a price though. Form 2 is being made available at a price of $3499, much higher than the affordable range of 3D printers.

But after all, precision pays; you can sure expect your builds to be sharper and precise than it would be with other low-priced ones. Check out the new Form 2 printer from the official site, from where you can also place your orders.

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