Google Wallet Overhaul on iOS Brings in Ease of Direct Cash Transfers

September 26, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple might have faced a wider backlash with their entry on Android stores, but Google still looks cosy with their work for iOS devices.

The latest from Google to have updated itself inside the Apple store is the new Google Wallet, which brings in some new perks for iOS users.

Google recently introduced their new Wallet app on Play Store, with an eye on transforming the former app to Google Pay.

The latter barely appears to make a debut on iOS, and that’s why Google has updated the Wallet app in iTunes, with the unlocking of new possibilities like person-to-person cash transfers.


The updated app will now let users in the US instantly send money to anyone using debit cards, bank accounts, and Wallet Balance.

And it’s not necessary that the recipient be subscribed to Wallet services. That’s what Google underlines with an assurance that it would let money transfer with just an email, or to debit card accounts.

The app also presents a new design overhaul. With a new logo and the greenish design, the app now sports a resemblance with its Android counterpart.

There are also some other cool additions like sharing your payments with your friends for a meal or for a trip, managing your Google Wallet Cards, setting up your monthly transactions to recurring deposits, and putting a check on your payments with limit imposing.

Although the Google Wallet service is now rising up to its Android version, it still needs to be seen whether they will be having its Google Pay services dispatched the same way for Apple devices.

Apple has got its own version of its commercial pay services, and it wouldn’t seem beneficial for Google to have a direct take on that in a different ecosystem.

As of now, Apple users can head to iTunes to try the most from the updated services of Google Wallet.

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