Skype Getting Set to Work with Microsoft Edge’s Plug-In Free Ecosystem

September 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

One of the biggest pluses in Microsoft Edge is its new Object RTC, which lets developers infuse their video calling apps into the browser without the requirement of any external plug-ins.

We were expecting a whole bunch of web-chat services to jump up and embrace the feature once the ORTC make its debut.

And, as expected, Microsoft’s own Skype is now lifting itself to make the most of this with the new ORTC API preview rolled out.


The development team behind Skype has now announced that they are bringing out an update for the Skype for Web and Skype for services, which will now get rid of its dependence on browser plug-ins, also making it one of the first to do so among web services.

Enabling the access to advanced real-time scenarios, Skype will now let users make calls and videos through Microsoft Edge without any need of installing the plug-ins, which also remained an oddity considering the lineage of both the apps to be rooting from the same family. ‘

The Skype team in their blog also stated that the plug-in free usage will also get extended to Skype for Business later on. The services for the Web and Outlook editions are to be rolled out in its stable form before the end of this year.

The fact remains that Skype services are most preferred in its app form. However, there are still who prefer to have instant access on browsers, especially when not using their devices.

Having to skip the frustration of getting the plug-ins installed will definitely mean a lot to those.

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